Inside Jobs

I was fortunate enough to help a friend out yesterday (also fortunate enough to have a friend!) – he has a calibration business and had a lot of work to accomplish on a boat that recently pulled into port. He deals mainly with pressure gauges and flow meters, I’ve dealt mostly with electronics, but he … More Inside Jobs

Remembering travels

I’m one of the few people I know that have actually been outside of the US borders and can speak intelligently about foreign issues. Though, they were many years ago, I visited many different nations because of my time in the service. That was one of the great joys about serving then – seeing places … More Remembering travels

Job Misery

This is from a document I found on my new laptop after transferring all my files. It’s from June 2015, I must have meant to post it. A little after one on Saturday afternoon, my phone buzzed that familiar vibration that I had just received a work email. It was a work phone, all managers … More Job Misery