Site renewed

Well, I’ve just submitted my payment to keep the name and site active – I might as well use it! There’s not much going on personally – kids are growing, career is fine, could stand to lose a few pounds, the usual stuff. Barely can watch the news – it’s mind-numbing how stupid people are to basic facts of everyday.

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore – but I am. And it’s maddening.

I’ve stopped posting almost anything to Facebook – it’s a waste of time. How many of you have been in an argument in a social media site with some loon? Why bother? It’s a loss. Remember, only a fool argues with a fool – or so the saying goes.

Alas, I plug away at the day-to-day and maintain sanity by tuning out when I need to and tipping back a few more than I need to. 🙂



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