Perception is in the eye of the beholder

The following definition is per



  1. the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of thesenses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.
  2. immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral,psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment: an artist of rare perception.
  3. the result or product of perceiving, as distinguished from the act of perceiving; percept.

Why is the definition of perception important? Because perception is what a single mind will receive, process, and then turn into thought or opinion. It’s proven over and over that two people can view the exact same drawing and ‘perceive’ different images. (Old woman/young lady; rabbit/duck; & others) Why does this matter? Because in nearly everything else in this world, people can perceive different outcomes from the same exact activity. I am specifically speaking of the modern day political arena and the upcoming election.

Perception is the result of our biases, which are driven from out upbringing, education, environment, and mediums which we spend time reading or watching. There is no identical perception among two people, only similarities. Perceptions make us so unique, like snowflakes. But, some will spend so much time disparaging other’s perceptions because they are not like our own? Why? We celebrate uniqueness in so many other areas, why does it have to be different in this case?

Part of the reason may be due to others are telling us that if something is not perceived as you are told it should be – that is against everything they are working for. Not true. It’s also completely ignorant. Luckily, the collective perceptions of millions of people come together and act as one – through our voting system. And if your perception does not stand with the majority of others, you’re being led to believe that you have somehow been cheated or life will be forever unfair for you.

It’s a tragedy that so many believe this to be true. Our perceptions are our truest definition of self. Only we can allow that to be swayed. Question your perception and even the perception of others. But, if you do not like what others have perceived – learn why they have perceived something completely different from yourself before you condemn them. You may learn a lot more about someone and it could create some empathy, which this world needs a great deal more of!


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