Governor has short-term memory problem.

I read a very interesting article in Sunday’s Post & Courier of Robert Behre’s interview with SC Gov. Nikki Haley. (Read it online here.) The first question to the governor was how she would asses her first year in office. Much to my chagrin, the governor answered, “I learned early on don’t give grades because you never win when you give grades.” Funny, she didn’t mention how she learned that valuable lesson early on. Would it happen to be because she was publicly ransacked by the media and persons she did grade early in term? The governor made a big deal about giving report cards to the state legislature way back in October. (Read about it online here.) The childish action of giving grades to the members of state legislature was a rookie move by a rookie executive to show who would agree with her and who would not. Isn’t the whole point of separate branches of government to support a ‘checks and balances’ system which includes disagreements between certain members of those branches? However, the governor went ahead will her silly report cards and much to no one’s surprise, it was heavily partisan. The governor gave poor grades to those that vote against her policies or acted as how she described, “votes against business”.

Gov. Haley was so quick to grade not less than six months ago, but when asked to grade herself – she fledges. That’s surprising as she is so readily capable of touting her success of bring new business to the state and thousands upon thousands of new jobs. These numbers were challenged as having been in the works prior to the governor getting in office or jobs that are years away from actual creation. (Huff-Post article describes in detail.) And Haley actually said other governors were jealous of her! Sure, with all this publicity and not having actually done anything, I’m sure only a Kardashian wouldn’t be jealous.


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