Wife doesn’t care for the weather reporting.

The Moxie section of today’s Post & Courier carried an article on the front page written by Stephanie Holler, describing her annoyance with the 24-hour weather forecasting at the slightest sign of any change in the weather from other than “fair”. (Read it here online – http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2012/jan/13/skip-storm-details/)
    Ms. Holler’s article, titled “Skip Storm Details”, opens with the disclaimer that she understands the need for storm updates as a warning to protect property, life, etc. She then follows with a diatribe of vehemence that startles the mind. Of all the 24-hour programming to go after, she picks the weather? Sure, the storm reporters go out of their way sometimes to make the story larger than second coming of the ice age, but she wishes it to be ended because her husband is glued to it like a teenage girl watching the Kid’s Choice Awards when the Jonas Brothers were the big deal.
    Here’s an idea – turn it off, ignore it, engage your husband in an activity other than staring at the screen wondering if the dark green bands on the StormTracker 2000 is coming to their area. I’m still shaking my head that she actually took the time to write about it as a warning that she’s upset, so we all should be. At the same time, I’m amazed that my decision to start a blog begins with a reaction to hers! If I had to choose between the 24-hour reporting of the weather versus the 24-hour reporting on the cable news channels, especially in the heat of this so-called Republican Primary that has descended on our quaint state of South Carolina, I’m tuning into to precipitation and temperature guesses every time!
    Ms. Holler should consider herself lucky it’s only the weather her husband has an obsession with. How many wives could write articles about husband’s obsessions with constant viewing of channels like NFL Network, ESPN, MLB Network, NASCAR and others? I’m as guilty as them all. Though, luckily I married a sports fan who is completely at peace with my devotion to the mighty New England Patriots and their quest for another Super Bowl victory. Aware of that, I know that if those channels ceased programming today, I’d be upset, but the loss of these channels wouldn’t have an effect on the day-to-day activities of men and women in fields outside of sports reporting. The loss of 24-hour weather would have a negative impact to individuals that plan their activities against the elements. Truck drivers, fishermen, landscapers, even window washers need to know what its going to be like as it will affect them. Sorry Ms. Holler, I understand you’re inconvenienced, but give it a rest. And to the Post and Courier – REALLY? This is your idea of an interest story for print? I read your paper everyday and have grievances over several articles printed, but this was atrocious.


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